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                    When send email to following address, please include SYSLINK in the topic, otherwise your email will be refused. Thanks for cooperation.






                    The Web Server module for Q PLC is available. 
                    GX-Developer V8 released. ST
                    IEC-61131-3is supported.

                    Q00/01/00J Version B, support PID and float. 
                    Kind of high quality Gearbox for Servo system. 

                    WE ARE MOVED!

                    In order to meet the rapid development of our company, We have moved to room 1601, Building F, Everbright exhibition & convention center, 86 Cao Bao Road. New phone number 51096030.

                    The New Generation Melsec-Q Series PLC.

                    Fast: Fastest instruction only costs 34ns
                    4096 local I/O, up to 4 CPU, up to 252 programs
                    Convenient: 12M USB/115K RS232 programming port, 100M Ethernet module, Web Server module, etc. Support main network such as Profibus, Devicenet, Modbus, ASi, CCLINK.
                    Detail Information

                    Modbus Master Program for Melsec-Q series PLC
                    With the program, Melsec-Q PLC can communicate with any MODBUS salve device very easy. Modbus slave program is aslo avaiable.
                    For Detail information, Please download User Manual

                    Serial Communication ActiveX Control for FX/A PLC
                    User Manual included

                    Serial Communication ActiveX for Q PLC
                    User Manual included. Baud rate up to 115K, Support Melsecnet network and Multi-CPU system.



                    Mitsubishi PLC has various products which can satisfy various application. Supported I/O points begin from 6 pionts to 8192 points single CPU.

                    Besides, Mitsubishi has kinds of network, from field device, PLC-to-PLC and PLC to Plant MIS network. The main feather of Mitsubishi network is powerful, reliable and easy to use.

                    • CCLINK Open Field Bus, MAX speed 10M, Overall distant 13.2KM
                    • I/O LINK for field Input/Output network
                    • MELSECNET/B Bus network
                    • MELSECNET/H high reliable, high speed, dual loop fibre network
                    • TCP/IP 100M/10M Ethernet

                    Also, Mitsubishi PLC supports other industrial network such as PROFIBUS-DP, PROFIBUS-FMS, DEVICENET, MODBUS, ASI, USB etc.

                    Mitsubishi PLC programming software, GX-Developer support IL/LADDER/SFC/ FB/ST, and integrated with simulation function, with this function you can debug your program even without a PLC. Also GX-Developer support online programming and online module change.


                    Mitsubishi inverters have very high performance/price value, and is the most famous brand in China market.
                    • A500 series
                    • E500 series
                    • F500 series

                    There is internal RS485 communication interface in all series inverters. With adapter cards, Mitsubishi inverter can communicate with main industrial network, such as CCLINK, Profibus-DP, MODBUS, DeviceNet etc.

                      Servo System

                    series servo system.


                    Mitsubishi MMI/GOT has following series:

                    • F930GOT: Low price
                    • F940GOT: 5.7"Color and Black
                    • A900GOT: Including A950/960/970/985,from 5.7" to 12.1",STN,TFT
                    • SOFTGOT: Change the normal PC to GOT

                    Besides supporting all Mitsubishi PLC, Mitsubishi GOT also support PLCs from SIEMENS, OMRON, AB etc. When connecting with Mitsubishi PLC, the GOT can be a hand programmer, Ladder logic can also be monitored in some type. and the interface can be following:

                    • CPU programming port
                    • RS232/422 link module
                    • BUS connection
                    • Network connection, such as CCLINK, MELSECNET, Ethernet

                    For more detail information please contact us (EMAIL/PHONE).

                    ????????????? 021- 51096030 64325938